Location: Pulau Payar, Malaysia

After breakfast, we had a dive for whoever wanted to come along. Though we had some confusion about where the site was, it turned out to be a good dive with better visibility than expected. Afterward, we started reviewing what we’ll need to learn to become Rescue divers. Then we had an early lunch so that we could check out the daily shark feeding at the ranger station on Payar. We snorkeled around the area, looking at sharks. Then we stood among squealing tourists, waiting for one of the many black-tipped reef sharks to take the fingers off the rangers, who fed the sharks chicken bones by hand! When we got back to the boat, we got in the water to practice the Rescue diver skills in acted-out scenarios. We were worried that our “victims” yelling for help might raise alarm from the other boats around. Instead of screaming for help, we had everyone scream for mulch. Rescue diving is nothing easy. We were exhausted.