Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Hello parents, families, and other readers,

Our Sunday here on Ocean Star began with a lovely wakeup at 7:00 am (by yours truly) and encouraging everyone by saying, “Wakey wakey, eggs and ‘bakey!’ Or in our case, yogurt and granola!” We then proceeded to have our breakfast before we headed to shore to carry on with our plans for the day. On our way over to the pier, a double rainbow could be spotted starting just off of Ocean Star’s bow, making its way over the ship. It was a magnificent sight to behold. Cara, Tye, Isabel, Holly, Rob, Hailey, and I went horseback riding along trails, roads, and beaches. It was an unforgettable experience that involved sunshine, heavy rainfall, and one horse wanting to go for a swim (with Holly tagging along too). Dory, Faith, and Marin participated in, from what I heard, a ride of a lifetime that made Faith realize that she didn’t want the Tour de France to be an activity on her bucket list. The rest of the crew, involving Kyle, Olivia, Gus, Matt, Kenz, and Matthew, went kayaking and faced strong currents, with a cove that was definitely worth the struggle.

When we all completed our activities, we returned to the ship, and had our first assessment of the semester! Everyone was studying the parts of a sail, points of sail, the different types of rigging on Ocean Star, and how to raise the mainsail. After reviewing and studying, we all sat down in the saloon to take our Seamanship quiz.

Following the quiz, and learning a little bit more about seamanship, we took our showers to get ready for dinner. We went back to shore to a beach establishment, named Sunshine’s and had salad, rice and beans, ribs, chicken, and fish for dinner. It was very strange to finish our meals, and not clean our own dishes, and we definitely felt spoiled. Our lovely night out was a good change of pace, and I know that everyone was able to enjoy it.

Well, that about sums up our day here in Nevis, and in one more day, we are going to be underway to Grenada. What an experience that will be!

Love you, Mom, Dad, family, and friends.
Until next time,
Kasey Z.