Location: Barbuda

Today was a fairly busy day. It started off with Oceanography after breakfast, during which we learned about the effects of climate change on the world’s oceans. It was followed by the rest of the morning is spent exploring the island. We ventured into some of the island’s caves, where I was hoping to find some bats, but I had no luck. After our caving adventure, a few us went snorkeling for a little bit. I have to say the water here in Barbuda is beautiful; it is so turquoise and clear! I saw a bunch of blue tangs while snorkeling. I’ve found that learning about all different kinds of marine life in Marine biology and then being able to go out and see them in the ocean is awesome.
After we got back to the boat and had lunch, we had a PEN class which was spent practicing for our navigation exam coming up in two weeks, as crazy as that sounds. Following PEN, I had some study time to get some work done, which I was glad to be able to take advantage of. Later in the afternoon, we started getting ready for our passage to our final French island, St. Barths. Dinner was a Cajun stew with rice, sausage, and jalapenos, which was delicious.
Now it’s off to St. Barths!