Location: Underway

Our passage from Essaouira, Morocco, to the Canary Islands continued this morning as we sailed through calm seas and under low clouds. The morning was generally uneventful; the saloon was crammed with shipmates reading long scientific papers about a marine topic of choice and then attempting to churn out 4 coherent pages for a paper. While watch team 1 was on morning watch, our Captain, Sam, proved to us all once again that he is way cooler than the rest of us by being the first to spot land in the far distance. In addition, Sam provided much entertainment for watch team 1 by pranking at least 3 shipmates with a palm-sized, black, plastic tarantula. The seas remained tranquil as we gathered in the cockpit for a deliciously greasy lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Afternoon deck showers were naturally cold but refreshing. All the time we spend in foulies and rain boots leaves us sweaty and stinky. Everyone on board is looking forward to docking in a port that does not reek of Moroccan fish and seeing a new and beautiful place. Canary Islands, here we come!


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