Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Today, I went to my first-ever rugby game! We went to see Sevens at the Waka Waka Arena (edit: Audrey informed me it was not the Waka Waka Arena, which is in Johannesburg)
, which is a type of rugby where there are only seven players and there are two halves, each of which is seven minutes long. It’s extremely fast-paced and probably one of the coolest sports I’ve ever watched. We all got Springboks jerseys and South Africa flags, even though none of us really knew who to cheer for. By the end of the tournament, Argentina was my favorite team. They were also the winners of the entire tournament when they beat Australia 48 to 12 in the final. Margaret got the signature of one of the Australian rugby players in her best Cocos Keeling accent. Unfortunately, he had never heard of Cocos Keeling, but she was able to inform him that it was near Christmas Island and that she snorkeled between the two. In South Africa, and maybe everywhere else in the world, it’s a thing where everyone dresses up like it’s Halloween to go to rugby matches.

This morning, we had free time on the boat until the rugby tournament. Siena and I had brunch at the coffee shop near the boat inside the aquarium. We took a dive master exam, and we all lollygagged until it was time to cheer for our favorite team, the Springboks. We prepared for this a couple of weeks ago when we watched Invictus. Right now, I am preparing to make the batter for banana bread because we have an early start tomorrow morning for our hike of Table Mountain. It’s gonna be so cool. This is Lina signing off with a swollen ankle (I won’t be able to go on the hike). Steph says hi to Shaun!