Location: St. Barths

The morning started with breakfast back by popular demand, Corinne and Allie J’s cinnamon sugar bread. Once everyone was at the height of their sugar high, it was time to take the rescue diver written exam. Now that all exercises and the exam have been completed, all rescue diver trainees are on high alert for their final scenarios to complete their rescue diver course. Following the exam, it was time for an oceanography quiz and class taught by Heather. The crew learned about fisheries as they started their last unit on marine management. Post lunch it was time for everyone’s favorite part of the day, my class. Today’s class was about marine fish, where we covered everything from slime fish to sharks to our standard reef fish.

After Marine Biology, most chose to study for their upcoming navigation exam for Freddie’s seamanship class, while others opted for some downtime and watching Divergent. After Heather got back from provisioning, many were excited to find some ingredients for their favorite Thanksgiving dessert (and some cake supplies for Allie K’s birthday), so I believe some baking is in the works for the rest of the evening. Dinner ended with a debate on the shape that cakes can take. Most came to the conclusion that cakes can be in any shape, while some took the more serious route, classifying what is or isn’t a cake based on the ingredients, while some argued that a cake must be cooked in a round pan.

And now an update on our yacht neighbors from Allie J and Corinne:
Hey everyone! Your favorite special guest bloggers are back! We would like to give a cheeky little update about the yachts next to which we are anchored. While we were putting provisions away, Megaladon called us on deck to see another big yacht pass by us. The flag on the bow was red, white, and blue, representing a famous designer…Tommy Hilfiger! His vessel was quite nice but didn’t stand a chance against Mr. Whatsapp’s CEO. Moonrise and Nebula are still the coolest boats (after O- Mama, of course) in the anchorage.