Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Ocean Star woke up to yet another beautiful day in English Harbor. We started off our morning with some delicious breakfast burritos made by our lovely Sous Chef, Kelsay. Every one of our meals has been spent afloat Ocean Star looking out on the harbor among some of the most beautiful boats you could imagine. Lucky us! Shortly after, our crew was split up into two groups with the Open Water divers up first for their intro dive and the advanced divers who would wait until the afternoon for their refresher dive. As we excitedly watched the Open Water crew learn how to set up their gear, we were left with a few hours of free time. We decided on a relaxing yoga session right in front of the harbor to simply reset and take in all the beauty that our new home has to offer. Peyton, Devi, and I spent the rest of our free morning oiling the cap rail railings of Ocean Star. It may not sound like the most exciting activity, but trust me, once you start, youll understand how satisfying it really is. As lunchtime rolled around, the Open Water divers made their way back to Ocean Star with excited grins slapped across their faces. The first dive of the trip was a success! Learning how to breathe underwater for the first time can be intimidating and scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty dang magical. After a delicious lunch, the advanced divers got their turn and headed out for a quick refresher dive. We quickly went over simple skills as a review and after had a small fun dive where we found a small wreck teeming with marine life. During the afternoon, a rowboat entered the harbor, and the anchorage suddenly became a very noisy place. This rowboat had an Irish gentleman aboard who had just completed the challenge of rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. Several teams have been finishing the journey here in Antigua since January, but this was the first competitor we had the opportunity to witness. The harbor erupted in a jubilant chorus of horns and cheers from the crowd that had gathered to greet the rower. Dinghies escorted the rower to the dock, and spectators cracked some emergency flares to add some pyrotechnics to this celebration. There were lots of smiles and burnt cheeks on the boat as the day came to close. At dinner, we had our first of many squeezes, where the skipper asks a question of the day. Everyone must go around the circle and answer all while squeezing the persons hand next to them to let them know they are done, and its their turn. Captain Wiggys question of the day was, Why did you choose to go on Seamester, and what do you hope to take away from the trip? There were many great insights shared across the group, and I have a feeling this game will get better as the days pass on. We are hopefully only a few days away from setting sail, but for now, were working to finish our scuba diving certifications and continue to explore the island and the aquatic world below us. Antigua has yet to disappoint from its white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters to the baby goats wandering among the hillsides. We are all more than enamored by the Island of Antigua and cant wait for whats to come. Let the adventures begin!