Location: Gorda Sound

Today was another great day here in the BVI’s on the Ocean Star. We sailed from Lee Bay, north of Tortola to Gorda Sound off of Virgin Gorda. On the way we really drilled our sailing skills, practicing tacking in the the wind again and again until we’d reached Virgin Gorda. This was a chance for all of us to develop and cement our sailing skills. Our separate watch teams rotated through the different areas of the ship, each controlling the main sail, fore sail, stay sail, jib and flying jib, as well as steering the boat. Grasping the rope in our hands and directing the sails and ship in the wind gave us a chance to turn all our theoretical training into practice. We also had our first man overboard drill which was exciting, but everyone was able to work together in relative speed and retrieve Oscar the lifering that fell overboard. Not long after that, we were joined briefly by a dolphin riding the waves across our bow. It was quite a sight to see it surf through the water next to us, but all too soon the dolphin moved on. The excitement didn’t end there, however, as we were entering Gorda Sound we were hit by a wind and rain soaking all of us and throwing us a curve-ball as we had to bring down the sails. Our previous practice really payed off though and we were able to bring everything successfully under control. After anchoring we ate a great meal of pasta and red sauce and we are looking forward to our first outing back on land. It will highlight our successes today and cap off a very productive day. It hasn’t even been a full week yet, but already our crew is coming together, gelling and beginning to realize the fantastic time we have before us. With the wind our hair and the sun shining down we’re looking forward to our next adventures aboard the ocean star.