Location: Statia

Morning came early for Ocean Stars crew as we loaded up the small boats for our shore excursion on Statia. As we sat in the boats we looked up to find a large extinct volcano with its exposed crater up in the clouds. Statia is home to Quill National Park created in 1998 and was established as the Netherlands Antilles first official national park. The Park consists of the dormant volcano “The Quill” and “White Wall”, the limestone formation located at the south end of the volcano. A wonder in this beautiful national park and a hike up the Quill was the first activity in a very busy day. When the hike ended the crew had time to explore the town before heading back to the boat for lunch. Chris, Kristina, Lynn, Melissa and Brenna had the task of going out and finding provisions for the next five days of meals. This is no easy task as there is minimal stock on the island and feeding 18 hungry sailors after a long day can be daunting. Chris’ quote at dinner was “behind every good meal is a great provisioner”, and he couldn’t be more right. After lunch we pulled the dive gear out of the laz and prepared for Golden Rock Divers to come alongside and take us out to the wreck of the Charlie Brown. The wreck is an old ATandT cable laying ship that was sunk on purpose for an artificial reef and dive site. Besides the obvious thrill of diving on a wreck a few divers got lucky enough to see a grey reef shark, massive barracuda, sea turtles and schools of jacks. All and all the divers returned with huge grins and most said that this was there favorite dive of the trip . . . they have yet to dive Saba! Dinner was a delicious make of chicken fried to perfection. Great day on the water!