Location: Underway

Today was a wild day full of surprises. The day began early in the dark hours of the AM. We were still underway but scarcely making way towards Safi. Argo was heeling side to side as we surfed over 12 ft. swells. We had our mainsail reefed as we combated 35-knot winds. Bow watch was on high alert, straining to see any lights off in the distance and make sure that the jib stayed lashed down to the bow-sprit. Waves were crashing over the bow as Argo tried to push her way forward. Four times the jib came loose, and we had to turn Argo away from the wind while a couple of people carefully crawled out over the bow-sprit to lash it back down. Suddenly, a loud crack was heard as the main staysail ripped at the head of the sail. The watch team scrambled to gather and secure the thrashing sail. With little sail area up after 12 hours, we hadn’t made much progress.