Location: Underway to Nassau, Bahamas

Today was pretty much a typical day underway. The weather was nice and the water was calm, but Captain Steve warned us of some bad weather headed our way. So when every one woke up for lunch we 40/40 our bunks. After lunch we had OC Boom Boom followed by an SLD class filled with some interesting presentations. Luckily after class the weather was still nice, so we all took deck showers. After we all stuffed our faces with tacos for dinner, we saw the storm we were warned about. From about 7:00pm until 11:00pm watch teams got to see an incredible storm. We managed to stay out of the worst of it, but we experienced 35 knot winds and lightning every couple of seconds followed by big roars of thunder. It was defiantly not the typical watch we were used to having, but it definitely made it exciting. Tomorrow we will reach Nassau in the morning for our short visit to the Bahamas. That’s all for now Goodnight!