Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Day 76 was a little less eventful than yesterday. Today was a very relaxing day a time to catch up on school work and have a couple of classes. We started with breakfast, as usual, and then moved into marine bio. We watched a very informative and moving documentary called Racing Extinction. I highly recommend this film. The doc mainly talked about how we may be entering or have already entered a mass extinction of wildlife. This was honestly crazy to think about; it made me realize that we need to act in a way we can, whether that means to go vegetarian or reduce our carbon footprint. Once the doc concluded, we were giving a little bit of free time to study for upcoming exams, practice some nav master, or just have some chill time on the vessel. This followed with a lunch that consisted of daal and rice cooked by Sam O. Following lunch; we had a brief moment to relax before leadership started. During leadership, we each had a one-minute presentation on a “how too,” some crew explained how to ask someone out on a date or how to get an extension on a late paper. Concluding class we had another bit of time to study and relax, We have an Oceanography exam coming up, and the NavMaster will take place tomorrow. Finally, we had tandoori chicken for dinner, which was very good, followed by the usual squeeze. After dinner, an oceanography quiz will take place and then a study session.

Overall, the day was quite relaxing but also included a lot of studying.

The crew is in high spirits, and we are looking forward to the coming days we have left on Argo before this journey concludes.