Location: Peter Island, BVI

Warning! The fire alarm has been activated. Report on deck immediately. Our wake-up came early this morning thanks to our lovely chefs, Bret and Will. Dom made it on deck with her PFD (put on correctly this time) in seconds flat. Best response time EVER. After setting off the fire alarm, the fruity pebble pancakes survived, only to be devoured minutes later. After breakfast, we prepared ourselves for a day of intense studying and our first round of finals. The morning was spent studying or finding reasons not to study. Since we moored at Peter Island, we have had a relentless onslaught of flies infiltrating every part of the boat. The fly infestation prompted some creative studying diversions as we tried to see who could fashion the best fly-catching and swatting devices. Ben took the competition very seriously. As I write this, he continues assassinating flies in the galley. Seriously, he only stopped swatting to take Nick’s exam.

Meanwhile, Collin napped in the dinghy. Our rescue divers had another practice exercise today where Monika was maimed by a vicious pufferfish. Both Will and Jake performed marvelously… aside from losing Monika’s mask. After some mac and cheese, it was time for the fish ID quiz, which went swimmingly! Then came the Marine Bio final and then some time to let loose and blow off some steam before we buckled down for some more studying. Bret and Will cooked up a delicious shrimp stir fry for dinner – fire alarm free, then we had an MTE review “sesh.” Father Kris-tmas gave us an early Christmas present of no nighttime mooring ball watch, so we hit the books hard and studied into the night.