Location: Admiralty Bay, Bequia

Today was beautiful and sunny, as usual, with the amazing start of a wreck dive in the morning. This old tugboat was beautifully vibrant with colorful corals and sponges growing on any available surface. I was able to spot an eel hiding along the bottom of the old boat with many other fish and crabs surrounding it. Once we were done with our morning of diving, we were given some shore time to relax. We all went out to a lunch that was nearly silent since there was Wi-Fi and everyone was connecting with loved ones back home. After lunch, some of us hung around the cafe for a while, and others roamed around the town, checking out the beaches and local shops lined up along the shore. Once we got back to Ocean Star, we had Oceanography, during which we learned about waves and tides. This was followed by a visit from Willy, a local who sells necklaces and with little figurines made out of whale bones, since here whale hunting is legal as long as you use every part of the whale after killing it. We just took our showers and are getting ready for dinner, along with our night out tonight!