Location: Gustavia, St Barths

Today was surf day! Dan rented a car and drove us all over to the beach, where we spent the morning surfing. Those with more experience, like Maui and Andrew, spent some time teaching the rest of us, but by the end of the day, all of us had caught at least one wave, and some were even standing up. Roxie and Melissa had a great day of it, catching numerous waves and actually standing up for most of the time. After lunch of baguettes and coconuts, we went back to Gustavia Harbor to walk around and finish some shopping. Many people bought phone cards and called home. The free freshwater showers were also a big hit. Once back on the boat, we did our usual squeeze and then had our night out. We went to La Select for cheeseburgers and then wandered around town for the rest of the night, getting our last taste of France.