Location: St. Barth

This morning, we rose to the excitement of our wave dynamics lab, which in so many words means surf day at the beach (as we note the interactions of waves as they nearshore). Class on the beach! How much cooler can a day get? So we picked up our board, hopped in the rental mobile, and headed off to the beach. Chantale discussed wave cycles and interactions, and Simon gave us a quick lesson in Surfing 101, and before you could say cowabunga, we were off hitting the breaks. The conditions were absolutely perfect for us to learn. Everyone had such a great time, and we’re all looking forward to our next opportunity to surf again. When we returned to Ocean Star, we showered and got ready for our night out at Le Select to munch on some cheeseburgers in paradise. Jimmy Buffet was not sighted, but he is rumored to be in St. Barth, so we’re keeping our eyes open. Dan claims to have sighted Sarah Jessica Parker, but he described her as “one of the women from Sex and the City, I don’t know the difference.” After scarfing down cheesy burgers and fries, we wandered around to explore the nightlife of St. Barth and ended up at a posh sushi bar on the water, listening to the sultry vocals of K.J. Denhert. What a great way to end a perfect day. Another day in the life aboard Ocean Star.