Location: Gustavia St. Barts

Activities and comments: After awaking fully from a fabulous night out the evening before, the crew of Ocean Star awoke to the sweet smell of French toast and maple syrup. Quickly finishing our on-boat duties, we started “ferrying” to the docks of Gustavia (the main town of St. Barth). There, we anxiously waited for Simon (our skipper) to arrive in the “minibus” we had rented, along with some surf boards, to take us to the beach where we would spend the day. Once there, I went for a swim and a short hike to the nearest peak overlooking the beach we were at, while others tried to get up on the surf boards. We started heading back around 2pm. Arriving so early gave us some time to take a walk around town before “ferrying” back home, where some delicious spicy chili and a beautiful sunset awaited us. Then had a Nautical Science class after dinner. The day could not have been better