Location: Gustavia, St. Barthélemy

This morning I woke everyone up at 0715 hours. Today was finally the day that we were going to be surfing, a much-anticipated activity that I was unable to participate in, much to my chagrin due to an ill-timed life choice. However, those that we able to participate seemed to have a jolly-old go at it, some of whom were surfing for the first time. We took a taxi around 1000 to get over to the beach, a beautiful stretch of sand that was preceded by a wonderfully quaint yet extravagant resort that had excellent wifi and overpriced steak. Espressos were 6 euros, so I naturally ordered three to take full advantage of these bargain prices. Matty had the wipeout of the day when he managed to do a backflip after catching a wave. At 1500 we piled back into the taxis and were allowed an hour or so to roam the streets before having to go back to the boat. After a taco/burrito dinner, we had oceanography. It was a swell day here on Ocean Star, and hopefully, we will keep riding these good waves into Antigua Classics Week.