Location: Underway to Villefranche

We had a beautiful Mediterranean sunrise this morning as we motored by our last view of the Spanish mountains. For lunch, Shelby made a sandwich bar with fresh bread and fruit that could easily be the best meal we have had all trip. We are now in review mode for our first aid/CPR exam in 2 days and our final Seamanship exam (Navmaster), which we will take in France. Today we focused on reviewing chart based navigation. Following the class, the captain stopped our engine so we could have a refreshing Mediterranean swim for showers. By the end, almost everyone had learned to backflip off the bowsprit or at least flip and bellyflop. We have about four days left of this passage, but the destination is far less desired than previous crossings. Though we are looking forward to experiencing France, we all know arriving in Nice means leaving the people we have connected with so deeply, and we’re hesitant to rejoin the real world.

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