Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Hello, blog readers of the world,

Today was another beautiful day in the Caribbean. I slept in a hammock last night because of the lack of recent rainstorms and was awoken by a breathtaking sunrise. Hammocks, similar to tents, warm up really quickly as soon as the sun pops over the horizon, so it’s a great way to ensure you get up early. We all spent the day in a variety of ways and particularly enjoyed the lack of paint, dust, and/or rust coating our bodies by the end of the day. Amanda and Sash have been maintaining a strict workout schedule that has been quite impressive. Steve and I had to conceal our laughter when they were jumping around on deck this afternoon. The staff has also taken to watching the new docu-series Tiger King. I have never watched this and don’t plan to, but I have heard a lot about it from them. To say it sounds slightly insane is the understatement of the century. I did a lot of swimming today and saw cool animals like the biggest barracuda in the world, lobsters, banded coral shrimp, and some rare sightings of both Staghorn and Elkhorn coral. The anchorage was so calm today that turtle sightings were frequent and much enjoyed, thanks turtles. We got to see some cool people on Zoom tonight for squeeze. Shoutout to Kyle, Kasey, and Faith for joining us and answering the following question, “If you had to surprise-vomit every day, which food would you want to vomit?” There were a variety of responses from ice cream to watermelon. After the squeeze, we enjoyed a hefty meal of burgers with the largest homemade buns I’ve ever seen and other delectable foods like french fries.

Do you all remember that time we saw sperm whales?

Keep on keeping on,

Photos: pretty things in St. Lucia; Amanda’s solo Bananagrams board