Location: On passage to Tonga

Today was our 5th day of passage, and it was hard to believe that time was flying by so quickly. It was another perfectly clear and sunny day with calm seas. Even though there wasn’t much wind, it was still a great sail. We had a great day of classes with MTE and SLD. In MTE, we worked on our navigation skills, learning how to set a course to steer and how to take a bearing. In SLD was an atypical class up on deck with a team-building, fun-filled exercise. The deck became “covered in a flesh-eating disease,” and we all had to work together to get from the stern to the bow of the boat without touching the deck or spilling a full glass of water. At the end of the exercise, we realized a) how great of a team we are and b) how each of us was an integral part of getting the task done. As the sunset, most of us could only think about how much we were going to miss passage when we reached Tonga.