Location: Sandy Spit-BVI

This morning started off with a scavenger hunt: I had to hunt down the crew to wake them up. Most had fallen asleep on the deck, a few people used their bunks, and some hadn’t slept at all! However, I found them all (just) in time for breakfast. Today was a mix of leisure and frantic preparation. A crew meeting was followed by free time in Tortola. We then went over emergency procedures and PFD protocol. This ended with all 23 students zippered away in “one size fits all”orange neoprene suits, sweating buckets, with only our noses poking out. After taking a last swim in the harbor and eating lunch, we left Tortola for good! Once out on the ocean, we learned and practiced hoisting the halyard (with Steve attached). Once we had all had a turn lifting him to half-mast and were confident in our hoisting ability, we were allowed to practice on the main staysail. Thanks to Ian’s clear instructions and teamwork, we soon became (semi) confident in our sail raising ability. In total, we raised and lowered it three times, each time quicker and smoother than the last! I think we were all in awe of how beautiful Argo looked, and are now even more excited to see her with all six sails raised. This evening, anchored just off Sandy Spit, we took our last swim for 14 days, relaxed, and had a super yummy dinner (thanks chefs!). The anticipation for tomorrow is unreal. As Captain Ben put it: “What are we doing tomorrow? Tomorrow we are sailing across the Atlantic!” See you on the other side!