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Living on Argo for fifty-two days now, I have been fascinated with the staff. Each has taught me so much in so little time. A truly meteor-sized impact in a split second. Here are six lessons I have learned, each uniquely authentic to that staff member. I could go on and on with my list, but here is a short snippet of my experience.

The Sea waits for no one. A continuous action never slowing down, never showing mercy. You surrender at all times your fate to the vast open ocean. I came aboard this vessel seeking answers, asking questions the more I thought, the more I questioned, the sooner I became lost. Having more questions than answers consumed by the unknown. The quest for knowledge had me in its grip, squeezing the marrow out of my soul. One day it dawned on me to ask questions. Not having all the answers is living. Living life anxiously was absurd, letting my days pass by, not loving and chasing every one of thema lesson from the captain of Argo.

Strength, belief in one’s self can only come from deep within the soul. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will, when you trip, who will be there to pick you up. A mental fortress impenetrable, a foundation so strong, earthquakes lay no damage. Commentary, judgment, anxiety, and negative self-worth lay no wake to this fortress. Knowing your worth, knowing your value is essential. Confidence all starts with yourselfa lesson from the First mate of Argo.

Loving your neighbor as yourself. Keeping morale high within your community. To be strong is to have strength in numbers, whether it be your crew, tribe, friends, and family. Your brothers and sisters who have your back, catching you when fall, are the ones who make us strong. Being patent, loving, inclusive, and honest with our community makes us connected. Knowing each other better than we know ourselves, micromanaging each other to benefit each other. A lesson from the program manager on Argo.

A temple, something so beautiful and delicate. Temples can only be held up by the people within. You benefit from the people within your temple. If you let bandits in your temple and overrun the temple, then your temple will be incomplete and utter anarchy. A Sports team can only be as strong as the weakest link. You are as fast as the slowest person. You are as strong as the weakest person. Through unity, we grow and form harmony, working hand in hand, living for each other. Growing not just as an individual but also growing as a team. A lesson taught from the Medic on Argo.

Octopus use elements within their inhabited environment to benefit. Using shades, textures, and structures, using knowledge of their surroundings to operate in its community. Knowing and understanding the people that surround you, the people that make up your reality, understanding their perspective, and operating in their domain is a wonderful lesson in itself. Sacrificing your beliefs, thoughts, and structure to join someones else’s constructed world. Forming memorable relationships and powerful bonds. A lesson from a mate on Argo.

To live your life wholeheartedly, living freely and thoughtfully. Dreaming the endless possibilities then acting upon your heart’s consent. Doing what you love every day, contributing to the world in a good way, living selflessly, courteously, and finally fashionably authentic. Taking your dreams and shooting for the moon, the only outcome is up. Surrounding yourself with stars. A lesson from the Loving and Caring oceanography teacher on Argo.

Finally, a Happy Happy birthday to Caroline, break a leg girl and live it up. 🙂

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Max presenting Caroline her birthday cake
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