Location: Phuket, Thailand

We started off the race with just two classes, Ocean Rover and Classics (ours) on the course. The start of the race was slightly delayed but at least had a few knots of wind to get us over the starting line. After that though, the wind died and all four boats in our class floated around for several hours in some weird currents and no wind. Just as we were about to give up hope, a puff of wind came and we were off! As we started sailing away the race committe radioed to ask if the boats wanted to cancel the race due to no wind, but we all radioed back and said no, and the race was on! As the boats picked up speed Argo slowly pulled ahead of the fleet and sailed across the finish line first, to many cheers from the other boats and the race committee. Even though we probably won’t get first place due to the handicap system, we took line honors and the personal victory for our crew is one we will never forget. On our way back into shore we launched the dinghy and took some great shots of Argo under full sail. The wind was strong and we had Argo up to over ten knots! It really was a great race. This afternoon will be relaxing, with some shore time and a rescue diving review after dinner.