Location: Pulau Kappas

Well, today was probably my best day yet on our good ship Argo. After Boomer cleared out of Terengganu, and we had finished with an SLD course, we headed out of the brown river water and hazy complexion that Terengganu had to offer. We motored eastwardly. On our way,, the water slowly turned bluer, and the sky followed suit. After dropping anchor, we all went ashore for an MTE lecture on the beach, which meant that afterward, we were free to explore our own deserted tropical paradise island. We walked along beaches, delved into bat caves, snorkeled among hundreds of reef fish and corals, all before getting back on Argo for dinner. After that, OCB was held was had and I think I can say for everyone that after an action-packed day, Argo rocked us to sleep very nicely.