Location: Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Today began bright and early with all of the preparations for the coming race. It was our third day of racing, and we were still ahead in the standings of our rival, Kairos. This is something we were incredibly excited about, and now we just had to maintain the lead. With clear skies and good winds, the weather could not have been more suitable for a long day of sailing. During the sail, we all went to our designated positions throughout the boat and worked in unison with an efficiency that on day one, we never would have thought we could amount to. The beautiful thoroughbreds of the sailing world, Elena, Rebecca, Athos, and the newcomer, Firefly, provided great entertainment cruising by us at breakneck speeds. At the end of the race, we took part in the annual yacht parade that took part in the marina we began our voyage in. Coming back to the dock, we cleaned up the boat and started getting ready for tonight’s dinner, which was to be a barbecue on a nearby beach. A couple of hours later, we were all feasting on chicken and burgers on a very relaxing beach looking out over the marina. Feeling very fulfilled, we all cleared out and got ready for the night out at the Maine Party going on at the marina. With live music and fresh lobster, we all had a very fun night and went to sleep with great anticipation for the final leg of the race the following day.