Location: 31 17.42'S 31 42.15'E

We left the safety of the Richards Bay harbor at around 9:30 pm, and not long after leaving, we began to experience the effects of the Agulhas current. The current provided us with a boat motion that resembled a washing machine resulting in most of watch team one and two falling ill to seasickness (including myself). Most of our watch from midnight to four in the morning was spent laying on the cap rails while Lindsay comforted us with plain crackers and water. Throughout the day, fewer people have developed seasickness because we are now used to this unusual rock of the boat. Mother nature has been working in our favor today as we have been averaging a speed of around 10 knots, making great headway to our next port of call, East London. The day ended with a great dinner made by head chef Ana of chicken prepared with a buffalo sauce and rice, a simple but delicious meal.