Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

It was another excellent day here in Rarotonga. Two more dive groups went out today to dive the beautiful reef, and the visibility was incredible. The health of the reef is spectacular compared to many of the other sites I have dove over the past few years. There were some amazing swim throughs and coral structures, and there was a myriad of reef fish tucked into the nooks and crannies. Rarotonga is a very lovely place to be. The harbor is a bit of a challenge because of how exposed to the ocean swell it is, but this deters most other boats from visiting and has therefore kept the marine environment pristine. It also has made Argo the talk of the town because we are the “big yacht” on the dock that everyone sees. The students and staff spent many hours cleaning and polishing the vessel over the past few days, and the onlookers who have stopped by have taken notice of how fine Argo looks. The gentleman who gave us the tour at Te Vara Nui the previous night came by this evening for a tour of Argo and brought some gifts of coconuts and bananas. The students and a few staff members were thrilled to learn how to safely and properly open the various species of coconut and sampled the differences in the meats and waters. It was a really fun and interactive demonstration that the students got involved in. They eagerly look forward to their next shore leave where they plan to test out their coconut opening skills, and where they will hopefully enjoy a refreshing beverage on the tranquil beach as a reward. The evening wound down with a marine biology class taught by Margaux.

Pictured: Diving Edna’s Anchor and Coral Gardens; Evan and Henry enjoying some fried chicken during the surface interval; Evan, Henry, Maddie, and Danny at the dock during the surface interval; our guests who brought gifts of coconuts and bananas; our own personal “coconut show” onboard Argo.