Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Today was a rather slow day by our standards, but still an action packed day when compared to the average day for any landlubber. This morning we had our last PEN (Seamanship) class during which the crew broke into two teams to compete in the Deck Olympics. The events in this competition included timed charting and anchor raises, a knot tying relay, and a pin rail relay. Each team won two events, so for a tiebreaker the crew competed in a line-coiling relay under simulated squall conditions. The competition was fierce but it was all smiles afterwards. Lunch was followed by a two-tank dive with local operators Sea Saba. The underwater natural beauty of the island is indescribable, and we were lucky enough to experience it on a pristine dive of the twin seamounts at Man O’ War shoals. Some students even claim to have seen a small reef shark circling the outskirts of the site. Much of the crew was on deck to enjoy another picturesque Saba sunset as the day came to a close. All that’s left now is to present our Oceanography research projects before getting some rest in preparation for another big day, one of our last aboard Ocean Star.