Location: The Mediterranean

We wake up with salt in our hair and a furrow in our brow. We have been sailing the better part of yesterday and all through the night and now we are determined to reach our destination which is just over the horizon. We maintain our heading throughout the day and stay the course until the students take a break for science and sailing class. We can all marvel at how much more adept at maneuvering the sails on this 210 mile journey than we were on one of our early 25 or 30 mile cruises. At 7pm we came in to Minorca and breathe in the air of a new country, Spain. The architecture is clearly very different and makes the differences between this area and the French and Italian coasts that much more noticeable. After anchoring we jump in for a swim, but just as we are enjoying our swim the port security evicts us from our anchored position, but it all worked out as we were able to dock nearby and explore the town that night. As we went to bed we braced ourselves for the journey that we would be taking on the morrow.