Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

This morning we woke up to Curry’s delicious crepes, which was a good start for an adventurous hike up the active Mount Pelee (last eruption 1902). We met our bus driver at 8am to bring us up to the base of the volcano. I was pretty intimidated because clouds covered the top of th epeak and there was no telling how far it went up. We started our ascent up the pathway that was dubbed “the spirit breaker”, and it just seemed ot go on forever. Once we reached the caldera, we ventured down into the crater and up the new cone. It flet like a dream being surrounded by lush green foliage and dense clouds. The winds were so intense and the trail was so steep that on wrong step could have been catastrophic. Once we conquered the volcano, our spirits went way up. While descending “the spirit breaker”, I was thinking to myself maybe it should be called “the spirit maker”!