Location: Underway to Villefranche

It was another ordinary day on Argo, well, as ordinary as it can get living with 27 other people on a 112ft sailboat on the Mediterranean sea. Excitement stirs silently in the hearts of all aboard as we make way, at a good pace, towards our final destination in Nice, France. For me, as well as many of the other crew members aboard, these final moments are quite bittersweet. We are all very happy to finally get to France and to go try new food, explore new places and soak in a bit of foreign culture; however, the fact that this is our last stop means that our time together is almost over.

We’ve formed bonds over the past 34 days with one another. Some of these bonds will be long-standing while others fade away with time. Whatever the case may be, nothing will be able to change the fact that we all came together and conquered this wonderful journey as a unit. If it was not for each and everyone doing their part, then the journey definitely would not have been as enjoyable. Although we are all always super excited when we get to shore and get to stretch our legs a bit, it is time we spend together aboard, getting to know each other, and sharing beautiful moments that make the trip memorable in the long run. Yes, I do dread the moment when we all have to say goodbye, but for now, I’m holding onto the days we have left.

It was another ordinary day on Argo, another ordinary day with my Argonaught family.

“Be silly, Be Carefree, Be True To Yourself, and Appreciate the people who make you smile.”

– Nazz
P.s Hi Mom! Love you!

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