Location: Underway

Today started for me in the dead of night with an array of stars overhead. Watch Team Two, and I had just been informed that we had broken an Argo sailing record for most distance traveled in a 24 hour period. This, complemented with the fact that we would be arriving in Jamaica a day and a half early, was very welcoming news. Wind speeds were high, and our spirits higher as we crashed through the waves at an average of 11 knots, even getting up to 12.5 knots at certain points. I was on the helm for half of the 3-hour watch, and this type of sailing was exhilarating, to say the least. With a smile on my face, I have focused on three stars dead ahead while listening to the first ghost story I have heard in years being told by our designated storyteller, Laurie. After that memorable experience, Watch Team, Two, and I returned back to our bunks, instantly falling into a deep slumber. Next thing I knew, I was awake again with a bowl of cereal in hand, and a PFD strapped on my body. Back on watch and still making great speed. This watch was over quickly, and soon enough, we were eating grilled chicken sandwiches and exchanging stories for lunch. After lunch, we went below deck into the saloon for an OCE class discussing the Gaia Hypothesis. Following the discussion, we were rewarded for our stellar grades on the first OCB test with a viewing of the first 45 minutes of The Life Aquatic with Bill Murray. After the movie, Watch Team One was on the deck while I took a very enjoyable nap made soothing by the constant rocking of the waves. Deck showers were to be held on the deck, which consists of a saltwater faucet and a freshwater hose, which after a multiple-day passage, feel like a sauna experience at a five-star hotel. Next came a dinner of chicken Alfredo pasta made by some very capable chefs, which were soon devoured by our crew of 29. This was indeed a great day, and everyone on board is ecstatic for Jamaica is going to bring in the days to follow. The day ended with finding out we broke the record we just set yesterday with making 255 nm in 24 hours!