Location: Underway to Cape Town!!!

Yesterday, we left East London after our version of the Great British Bake-off/Chopped and started making our way to Port Elizabeth, our last passage. In preparation for the 12-4, Margaret and I drank some coffee, played Handy Kraft (if you know, you know), and watched Blue Planet. As soon as we left the harbor, a chill set in, and the waves started to grow. The foggy horizon gave the night an ominous feel. Unfortunately, the sea state took some causalities with it — everyone was truly fighting demons👹. Jackson started a story, but halfway through hiccuped/gagged/burped and started saying, “Oohh no no no no,” and then screamed and threw up. Allie I. ran to the low side four seconds after taking the helm. Margaret slowly crawled to the stern to lie down in the graveyard, and Steph threw up all of the desserts we judged the night before. However, we made it through and woke up this morning to halloumi bowls made by Allie J and Wes. During meals today, everyone was keeping a look out for whales, dolphins, and seals. I think the final count ended up being more than 100 dolphins, two whales, and three seals! The sea state really mellowed out, so now, instead of heading to Port Elizabeth and waiting out some questionable weather, we are off to our final destination, Cape Town! After lunch, we filled out course evaluations while watching the Life Aquatic (basically an exact replica of what our trip has been like so far). We also got introduced to the long-standing tradition, across GXG programs, of the notecards inspired by this boy from the 70s, Mark, and his math teacher, who did the same for her class. Everyone got 24 notecards placed on their bed, and over the course of the next week, we are all going to write one for every other person on this boat. It can be filled with memories, something that you’ve admired or noticed about them, inside jokes, or whatever you want. At least for me, and I am sure a few others, the notecards made me realize how little time we have left on Vela and with each other. It forces you to look back at the trip as a whole, from Bali to Gili Tee and Komodo, to Christmas Island, Coco’s Keeling, Mauritius, Richards Bay, East London, and now, Cape Town. We sailed across the Indian Ocean!!! Thats insane! How many people actually get to experience that, and how lucky are we all to have experienced that with the people on this boat. Everyone here is so kind, adventurous, and hilarious, and they have made these past few months immeasurably better; a notecard isn’t big enough to express my gratitude. I’m sure you are all stoked to have your kids back with you soon enough, but greedily, I want a couple more weeks.

Everyone pretty much konked out and napped until dinner, which was delicious mac and cheese with veggies. Again, we ate with our eyes peeled at the ocean and saw a baby whale breach!! To end dinner, courtesy of Zoe, the squeeze question was to showcase your highest and lowest note, and honestly, I’m surprised that some of the screeches didn’t conjure another pod of dolphins.

Mom, Dad, Nina, and Pepper — as sad as I am leaving, I’m excited to see you all in two weeks <3

Over and Out (sike I’m just Out, because that’s actually incorrect according to our VHF training), Lucia