Location: Port Maurelle, Vava'u, Tonga

Saturday began with the gorgeous, brilliant, and bright sunrises that we have come to expect in this paradise. We started our adventures that day by exploring Swallows Cave. This mammoth expanse of carved-out rock yielded much fun and wonder. Many of our more intrepid Argonauts, after swimming in through the cave’s mouth, braved the vast area up the back of the natural marvel. Once we left with adventure in our hearts and cuts on our toes, we ate a lovely and succulent lunch. Then the rain came a torrential downpour that sieged our vessel with such intensity that Carolyn was able to shower in the cascading droplets. However, this rain, while dampening our towels, would not dampen our spirits. We pressed forward, shivering in our rash guards, and advanced to the second cave on our adventure. We dove down into the water to enter this cave, which, unlike the other grotto, existed as an air pocket. After each of us gallantly plunged into the depths of the ocean and into where only trusted directions could guide us, we then rose into a hollow, whose fluctuating pressure buffeted our ears but not our valiant souls. With a few more cut feet, we left the cavern and sped back to Argo. The day continued with several research dives. The rain continued and postponed a hotly awaited barbeque. This left more time to study and increased the anticipation for the event, which will be, beyond a doubt, glorious. A scrumptious dinner was consumed in the barbeque sted. The rest of the night contained a plethora of frantic studying for the next day’s test and the completion of other dawdled assignments, which lasted long into the night to a time beyond my authority as skipper.