Location: Great Harbour Peter, BVI

Today we woke up at 7:00 and had a 7:30 breakfast. After breakfast, we went down into the salon and had OCE. We all did our OCE research presentations. Some of the people’s presentations were really cool, and the way that they collected the data was pretty cool. After OCE, we had an OCB class. We took our final exams and turned in our field journals that we have been working on this whole trip. We ate lunch at noon. After lunch, we did our Rescue Diver exams and turned in Emergency plans after the test. We had dinner at five. The highlight of the day was after dinner. After dinner, we set up our dive gear for a night dive at 6 pm and another group at 7 pm. It was awesome. We drove out in the dingy and tied up to a mooring ball. We suited up and hopped in the water. We descended to about 80 ft before we could see the wreck. It was an old wooden ship that was not very stable and looked haunted in the dark, murky water. Supposedly, there is a 6-foot shark that guards the ship, but we never saw it. After the awesome dive, we went back to the boat, broke down our gear, and went to sleep. It has been an awesome day.