Location: Dominica

Today was another exciting day in Dominica, exploring the island with Stowe. The day began with a drive up the leeward side of the island to Portsmouth, where we rowed up the Indian River with our local guides. During this, we took salinity and temperature measurements at different depths and will be analyzing and graphing our data in a later science class. It was a great opportunity for some real hands-on science in a very picturesque environment. We then headed over to the windward side, stopping en route for various delicious local fruits. We enjoyed a tasty lunch of freshly baked bread sandwiches, coconuts, and almonds fresh from the trees. After lunch, we headed over to the Carib Indian settlement, the only remaining original settlers. Here, we stopped for some delicious cassava bread, gift shopping at the local craft stalls, and some more fruitso many new tastes to experience. Driving back along the windward coast, we stopped at a banana plantation and a citrus farm – loading up with yet more fresh local fruits. The day ended nicely with a splash in Emerald Falls, an icy cold freshwater waterfall in the Trois Piton National Park. We got back late to Ocean Star, all exhausted, feeling full and healthy from the many fruits and local foods fresh from Dominica – the green jewel of the Caribbean.