Location: Richard's Bay, South Africa

A brief moment for recuperation after the Safari and it was back to work here on Argo. The masses flocked to their favorite corners of the boat and began to studiously type and research their topics for the up and coming Oceanography presentations. This took place while the others group set off to experience the wilds of Africa. The pitter-patter of fingers hit the keys as slide after slide was completed. Several of us took our leave to varying restaurants and surf side shops to gain access to the slow but present WIFI. After the work was completed we spent the remainder of the day traversing the shops and eating the inexpensive but admirably delicious Biltong, an African spinoff on Beef Jerky.With the spicy taste of chili seasoning on our lips we are reminded that it’s the little things that can really make the difference. We received word from the second safari group that they had already encountered hippos, crocs and chameleons on their first day of tours and are looking forward to seeing even more of Africa’s fantastic wildlife tomorrow.