Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Following packs of cruse ship tourist there for the day, we hiked down the muddy trail to the Seven Sisters Waterfall, trying our best to keep our shoes on our feet and our legs underneath of us. We eventually got to the bottom and rounded the corner to see a magnificent waterfall. We were then told to leave shirts, shoes, and dignity behind us as we were about to crawl up the side of the mountain through feet of mud, pools of water, and fallen trees. We arrived at the top and were told exactly where to jump off, for our path back down the mountain was through a series of seven water falls. The seven falls consisted of small and large jumps into pools of water at the base, one of which ended in Kevin being cradled like a small child in the arms of our guide. Our trip down the mountain ended with the applause of the cruse ship tourists as we emerged at the top of the final thirty foot water fall. One by one we braved the jump (some more hesitant than others). Excited to be drenched in fresh water for the first time since we can remember, we hiked back up to where we started. We sat down for a quick lunch of PBandJ and met an amazing French couple with an adorable baby. The taxi ride back was filled with excitement and stories as we prepared for our free time.