Location: 01'00.7488N 075'31.5016E

Hello friends, family and everyone else following our journey across the Indian Ocean,

Dinner the previous night had ended abruptly as a strong squall with gusts of up to 40 kn winds and torrential down pour had forced us to move down below. After a quick count off, making sure everyone was safe and sound, the students started clean up and showed fantastic team work, helping each other out and caring for sea sick shipmates, while staff manned Vela on deck. To say the least, the past 48 hours of rough sea had taken their toll on many of the students, only a few lucky ones got away without any symptoms of sea sickness. Therefore it was a blessing waking op to the gentle rocking of a calm ocean, to walk up deck and sea blue skies a bright yellow sun, glassy condtions and favorable winds.

It was a day for the books, finally everyone could enjoy boat life again! We spent our day watching birds catching flying fish as we sailed by, kept an eye out for passing cargo ships and saw rainbows forming in the distance. In the afternoon students got to practice their navigation andamp; mapping skills during Seamanship class, while the rest of the staff enjoyed the calm conditions and sunshine in the cockpit. Yet again, we got rained out during dinner but this time we where lucky to experience a beautiful warm rain shower, no winds, rainbows and a golden sunset.

As we are making our way South we are slowly preparing to cross the equator, and what would an equator crossing be without a little party?! We predict to be crossing the equator early Thursday morning, just in time to see the sunrise and pay our respects to King Neptune, Ruler of the Seven Seas, we hope he will let us pass and protect us on our journey across the Indian Ocean.

Stay tuned to see if Neptune accepted our sacrefices …


1. Our invite from Neptune to celebrate crossing the equator tomorrow

2. Dreamy day sailing

3. some of the staff on watch while seamen-ship class was happening