Location: Pigeon island, Guadeloupe

We arose to another stunning Caribbean morning, greeted by a delicious fresh breakfast prepared by head chef Jill. Once breakfast was squared away, and the whole crew was brimming with energy, Joseph whipped out the dive gear. Before you knew it, the now seasoned divers had their tanks set up and ready to go. Dive group one was first to check out the amazing site situated just off the eastern side of Pigeon island in the Cousteau underwater park (in memory of Jacques Costeau, the founder of SCUBA diving as we know it today).

Dive group 1 consisted of Matt, Steffen, Miranda, Jill, Amy, Carolyn, Kaiden, Joseph, and Eli diving with Josh sitting surface as part of his PADI Dive Master training. I was a part of dive group 2, accompanied by Amanda, Nate, Brit, Ridge, and Josh, who led the group also as part of his training. Waiting for us underwater was a plethora of vibrant corals and reef fishes, as well as a statue of Jacques Cousteau himself!

On completion of the morning’s diving, we had a quick run ashore to take advantage of some fresh produce before departing Pigeon island for Deshaies. With an oceanography class down below underway, Carolyn, Amy, and I were treated to glass out conditions for the 10nm journey up the coast. Deshaies is a picturesque little anchorage on the northwestern tip of Guadeloupe. Once the anchor was down, we took full advantage of its crystal clear water, with the whole staff and crew ending up in for a swim messing about and admiring the sunset. There was a commotion as a few people finally claimed to have seen the mythical “green flash” as the sun sets over a flat sea.

Dinner was soon served, and we found ourselves huddled around the table full to the brim with curry. For squeeze tonight, I asked everyone to share their childhood pets, inevitably bringing back some nostalgia and fond memories.
Never to sit idle. As I type this blog, the Rescue divers in training are currently learning how to set up and deliver oxygen in an emergency situation.

Pictured; Eli, Miranda, and Jill at the helm; Miranda and Kennedy taking in yet another amazing sunset; The whole crew during shower time turned water activity session; Ridge, Brit, Josh, and Nate return to the mooring after their dive, then pictured enjoying the underwater world; our fabulous dive instructor and marine scientist Amanda pictured with the statue of Jacques Cousteau; Josh leading Brit, Ridge, and Nate as part of his Dive Master training, The pristine reef and abundant life surrounding Pigeon Island; Rescue divers learning how to administer oxygen.