Location: Palma, Mallorca, Spain

The seas did not cease to press Argo and her crew for what might have been their most challenging day yet. As we made our way to the Spanish island of Mallorca, the seas began to intensify sometime in the morning hour. As I stuck my head out of the companionway for a fresh look on a new day, I was greeted with a rushing wave of seawater. This made it apparent that we were on some high seas. Fifteen-foot swells continued to grow and vanish with us in between them. The crew quickly began to don their foul-weather gear as the swells continued to roll up and spray across the deck. Lunch was a challenge, but we all faced it with a smile. As we rounded Isla Dragonera, the seas began to settle. The class took place as usual, and the watches resumed. As we neared our destination watch, two were on deck to bring us to anchor. Just before dropping anchor, the rain began to fall. All able hands were topside as sails were flaked and covers danced in the freshwater bath. The rain provided for another dinner in the salon, which I believe the crew is becoming fond of. A chance to sit around together while enjoying a meal is a nice change. The day was an adventure and a challenge of elements and limits. The crew met their task with a well-shaped attitude, for what is only a preparation for what our not-so-distant future may hold.