Location: Nevis to Les Saintes

As we had a big sail ahead of us, the staff and crew filled up with spice bread and yogurt this morning. After breakfast, we prepared for our journey by topping sails, 40-40-ing all objects above and below deck (which means making sure everything is prepared to possibly be at a 40-degree angle in 40-knot winds), charted our course, and completed many other important details before we set sail. After all that hard work, most students decided to take advantage of the last chance to go to shore before we departed for Les Saintes. At the shore, some students found a nice little local restaurant to eat lunch and get on the internet to tell friends and family how amazing our voyage has been so far! Other students explored the shops around Nevis for one last time. Once everyone had come back to Ocean Star, we all showered and finished the finals touches of passage prep before our departure. As we raised the sails and began to sail away from Nevis, a small but powerful storm rolled over the island. Everyone was drenched but laughing. After the rain clouds cleared, so did the wind. Finally, Captain Kris turned on the engine until we passed Nevis. From then on, we had a night of smooth, peaceful sailing.