Location: Underway to Grenada

Hello family and friends,
Watch team 3 awoke this morning at 1 am to relieve watch team 2 of their duties. With the stars in the sky guiding our way, we felt even more confident traveling in the night than in the day. When your watch team wasn’t on watch, you could spend that time doing what you want; however, most of us just decided to take this time to get some well-needed rest. For those who were on chef duty, the daily challenge was not falling over in the galley while cooking. Even eating while underway was a bit of a challenge, but after a little practice, we figured out the best way to serve and eat our lunches and dinners. As the watch teams got increasingly more comfortable around each other, the hours started passing much quicker. We had a great full day of sailing, with a little break from the heat due to some hazy clouds overhead. These hours were now filled with music, games, attempting to exercise while the boat is moving, pear therapy, and of course, making sure the boat doesn’t sink.
Everyone is doing amazing aboard, and I’m happy to share that the majority of us have conquered sea sickness.
Until next time,
Olivia Taylor

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