Location: Labrador retriever surf spot, Kanuhura island, Maldives

This morning I decided to wake everyone up with the blissful blistering sound of stainless steel bowls smashing together because alarms and slight nudging just isn’t enough for this generation. After everyone was dressed and sun-screened, we had breakfast. Amy made yummy fruit cakes for breakfast that everyone loaded with absurd amounts of Nutella… yum 🙂


Our first-class of the day was with Shona. In Leadership class, our friend and teacher organized us into our leadership styles from Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow, Red being logistical and Realistic, Blue being creative and laid back, Green being caring and the ones to put others before themselves, and Yellow being hardworking and driven. We continued to discuss all of our strengths and weaknesses that corresponded with said style of leadership, but I believe we all came to the realization that no color, or style of leadership, can lead without the other. We all have strengths that can support and help each other grow. In short, you cannot lead alone.

After class, we were all surprised to see that our lovely staff had snuck out to return with rented surfboards and paddleboards and have taken us to a beautiful surf spot called Labrador Retriever for us, but we all got to experience that sweet feeling when we saw the amazing 7ft barrels but slightly soured at the same time for the staff decided the reef break was too dangerous for any of us to surf in these conditions. However, they knew how much we were all looking forward to surfing, so we compromised and decided to Skurf (wakeboard) on the back of our dingy Ankarn with the 7-foot surfboard.

The people who paddle boarded got the luxury paddling around Vela. They had to paddle in areas of less current to avoid drifting. Standing by if needed was our Guardian angel Leoni (just a staff member, not a real guardian angel) on our secondary dingy Tia to pick anyone up who needed it. Then we ended off our day with some chess, a beautiful sunset, good music, and tasty curry.

All in all, I’d say even tho the day didn’t go as planned, we absolutely would not have let that ruin it for us, and we managed to make the absolute most of the day, kind of like a leader would.


1. Stern view of Vela under sail.

2. Carley, Cate, and Emily getting ready to go skurfing

3.Tom and Henry playing chess

4. Finley stock-taking the food stores

5. Ariel shoot of Vela with the surf spot in the background and students enjoying some downtime

6. Emily, Zak, and Trey with noodle mustaches