Location: Australia and Asia

With just one week left of the program, the realization is setting in that most likely none of us will ever set foot on Argo again. With that in mind, we are savoring every second left. The morning started out with an early departure from Orpheus, making our way to the Hichinbrook Channel. We had to leave early so we could make it through the channel at the first high tide. As we were preparing to enter the channel and cleaning up from breakfast, we spotted 5 humpback whales off to our starboard side. This is by far the closest Argo has come to whales thus far with them being only 75 yards away. This is a moment I will not forget. For the first time on deck has it ever been that silent. Only the sounds of the whales breaching could be heard. All shammies set aside, we slowed down and the nature took us in. We eventually had to head into the channel so we had to say goodbye to our large mammal friends. Once in the channel, the sights were breathtaking. Mountains and salt marshes surrounded us and we all enjoyed it with sun beating down on us. After lunch we spotted dolphins off our port bow. Finally, once out of the channel, it was time for some serious sail raising. Knowing that it was going to be one of the last times raising all 6 sails, we had to put all we had into it. We put the main sail, main stay-sail, AND the forward staysail up all at the same time! Never have the sails gone up so efficiently. As soon as we got those bad boys up, we were ready for the jib, fisherman, and finally the flying jib. Man, did Argo look good! The sun was shining and the sails were full. Tonight is our last passage with our watch teams and we should arrive sometime in the middle of the night. With the sun just setting, a full moon shines across the sky. Soon we will be missing the squeaking heads and 3 a.m. wake-ups. Who knows, maybe we’ll even miss that certain smell coming from the cabins.