Location: 26 49.538N 019 06.085W

Things… as you might have guessed… are going swell. Most especially the oceanography quiz that we took this morning, which tested us on waves, tides, and (oh yes) swells. “The ocean is sick” (Sam, 2022), and there’s nothing sicker than learning about the sea than going up on deck and watching her in action. Mixed interference, deep sea swells, you name it, we see it, and that’s what makes this classroom/home so extraordinary.

Watch team 2 started the day off with the 8-12 watch, during which we danced, listened to Allie’s increasingly bizarre and hilarious stories about Seamester, and dabbled in some quantum physics debate. I subjected everyone to a Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Song wakeup and came back to the cockpit in time to hear another of Allie’s anecdotes, only this time. It was more of a cryptic prediction. She told the tales of past Seamester voyages trying to catch fish (as Skyler has been attempting for weeks now). Apparently, every voyage succeeded in catching a single Mahi Mahi. Nothing more, nothing less.

Fast forward to after our oceanography quiz and after nav practice (during which there was some studying, but also some lying on the floor bemoaning existence and people sketching out their home kitchen layouts). I had just gotten out of the shower and was about to take a nap before dinner when I heard absolute pandemonium up on deck, the level of which was akin only to when someone spotted glow-in-the-dark dolphins. So I stumbled out of bed, yanking on my PFD, and flew up the emergency companionway to hear the boys yelling, “Mahi Mahi.”

As the legends foretold hours earlier, a singular Mahi Mahi has been caught (and released). Only time will tell if it will be the only fish we ever catch.

We closed the day out with Squeeze, answering the question: if you had to start a business with two people on either side of you, what would it be, and what would their roles in said business entail? Some highlights of this were an exotic petting zoo in which endangered animals were rescued and then brought to children’s birthday parties for entertainment. Riley proposed a tuk-tuk business that sold coconut ice cream on hot dog buns, and Allie decided on a mariachi band that included her as a lawyer for when they would inevitably be sued. And Skylar is opening up a dive shop that’s really a front for spies. Last but not least, Eli’s plan was to open a mobile palm reading service where Sophie and, more specifically, her newly bald head would act as the crystal ball.

The legendary Vela time slip is already starting to happen as the days blur together on this incredible adventure. Shout out to everyone at home. We love you, we miss you, and we can’t wait to tell you everything.

– Shanty