Location: Thursday Island, Australia

Today started with a light breeze and a calmer sea, which is always a relief when at anchor. Once our breakfast of muffins and cereal was over and the battle of the dish cleaning had been won, the crew had the opportunity to get ashore and stretch their sea legs. Thursday Island is by no means a large island, but like most little islands, the population is happy, friendly, and welcoming, with a laid-back attitude. Just what is needed after a couple of days at sea. While some shipmates visited the local laundromat, others sought out a reliable source of wi-fi to get back in touch with the world we had been watching from the sea. There were the lucky few who got to join Tor on her mission to provide provisions for the seemingly endless appetites of the crew. After a few hours, many dollars, and multiple carts, ferried to the dock by minivan, the mission was a success, and the boat is now fully stocked for our longest passage so far – to Darwin. Spirits are high after a relaxing day and a hearty dinner of cannelloni. Cleanup has commenced. It is almost time to head to shore to see what delights the tiny island has in store once the sun has set. So ends this day.