Location: Antigua

The beginning of day 24 was underway, headed to Antigua. It wasn’t the smoothest passage. The seas were rough, and the moon was scarce, making shore lights more visible, but the waves appeared to be black with only white caps outlining their swells. Ocean Star swayed nearly thirty degrees to port; walking on deck was no easy feat. The rough seas made it hard for all to sleep soundly, but that made our anchorage all the more glorious. With a beautiful, calm, sunny morning, the sleep-deprived crew collected themselves and appeared on deck for another seemingly rigorous morning. Those of us that needed to swigged our caffeine, and collectively we mentally prepared for the day ahead. Ocean Star received a bit of appreciation (wax n wash) in our anchorage. Kevin (our awesome Captain) briefed us on a trying dock maneuver- the first time for our crew. Instead of docking on the side of the ship, we were to make a circle and back into the dock, tying up the stern at two points. The steps to do this have to be in a specific order to keep O. Star in line. Consequently, it demands everyone to be on point. After we successfully completed our “Stern to” mission, we were relieved to find our laundry was to be tended to, and shore time was granted for those who desired it. A freshwater shower was well worth the $2, we all agreed. A caf in town had delicious fruit smoothies and internet access, adjacent to a mini-market. It’s amazing what we no longer take for granted. Dinner was an American-inspired feast, props to Jeff the Chef. Barbecue chicken, burgers, and buns revived our pallets to a place called home. After clean up we did our Oceanography presentations followed by winding down on deck in the fresh Caribbean air. All in all, today was another testing yet satisfying day. Hoist the Jolly Roger!