Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today the Crew woke up in Green Island and prepared to haul-anchor and depart back to English Harbour. Passage was short, but nonetheless filled with bow watch and boat checks. Just offshore of English Harbour we managed to catch a blackfin tuna. The crew all got a sudden craving for sushi, needless to say, we had raw tuna, soysauce, and wasabi as a mid-morning snack! Reese took the honor of filleting the fish and shocked everyone when he dug out the eyeball and took a bite! After “snack time” we brought the boat into English Harbour and managed to pick up a spot on the dock for the first time on the trip. Docking stern-to took a bit of time; maneuvering an 88 foot boat in a congested harbor with shifting wind isn’t that easy, but we managed to drop two anchors and secure ourselves pretty well. We all then went ashore and fresh water showers were a very welcome sight.